Friday, April 1, 2011

Fantasy Racism

It's so true isn't it? Without random hating the game just doesn't go around as well. Cheers to fantasy racism and all the dramatic situations that it causes. So keep your grubby dwarves and snooty elves out of my house dammit.

Picture from Win!

And quotes:
Sergio "I mean would you be too scared to go back out... to... sea?"
LooneyGM: "Heck no I'm not going out right now. I've got to nurse my wounds in grog I have."
Sergio: (his grog is wounded?)
Lyril: ( Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a bartender! )

Sergio: (it is taking so long sergio will just bake us a boat)

Sergio: (hawkeye drugs some of sergio's baked goods)
Sergio: (to make the captains AMENABLE)
Sergio: (then we just keep feeding them special brownies until we get there)

Sergio: "MY PIE"
Sergio: "IT FELL OVER"
Sergio: "IT IS RUINED"
Floret: (If only I was in the right conversation, I'd tell Sergio: 'If at first you don't succeed, Pie, Pie again.')

Lyril: (Mind if we do a bit of this in PM?)
Lyril: (At least my bits. XD)
LooneyGM: (certainly on your bits)
Sergio: (we would never make you expose your bits)

Hawkeye (so does Sergio die?)
Sergio (what I can't die from not seeing trees)
Sergio (we could all die. but not just me.)
LooneyGM (Tree branch from nowhere sweeps sergio overboard!)
Floret (Waaash! Noooo- I mean Sergio! Noooo!)

Floret "Ah, like a guiding star! Only deadlier."

LooneyGM: The island has a mostly tropical climate. Non-blue wood trees ring small patches of water dotted across the island
Sergio: (yes it is time to bust out the hawaiian shirts and drinks in coconut shells with small paper umbrellas)

Sergio: (he should go first. then he can get hurt and Lyril can be all OMG HURT PERSON and run in after and trigger any other traps)
Sergio: (Then you and I can have the treasure ALL FOR OURSELVES HAHAHAHA)

LooneyGM: After a good lot of searching the treasure was discovered underneath a marked rock inside a cave.
Floret: (We found 'Man with Ferret'. And we thought the Nazis had it this whole time!)
Sergio: (what about three large pink women and one piece of gauze?)

Hawkeye: "Wait...I'm turned into the bastard, I can look at his package now."
Hawkeye stretches his pantaloons out and looks down.
Hawkeye: ", that bastard's HUNG."
Hawkeye: "Now I REALLY hate him."

Sergio takes the initiative!
LooneyGM: (where are you taking it?)

Hawkeye looks down. "I've got a problem."
Floret "We know that. Be specific."

LooneyDM out

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