Thursday, February 24, 2011

Point Buy Systems

I do prefer point buy systems to class based. However it irks me when they simple don't give you enough points at starting level to get a decent spread of options or down one of the specialization trees a few steps. It leads to much indecision. Much like this fellow must be having in front of all those beers.

Art from WIN!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mind Altering Substances

I've nothing to say other than this. BEECAT! What the hell? No more ecstasy for the DM. Ever.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cyberpunk (part 2)

Cyberpunk worlds are bizarre to me. They are dark and hopeless. They are filled with dehumanizing technology. They are filled with all manner of disaffected groups who border on terrorism, but they're more morally sound than the people they oppose. Just not by much. Blowing stuff up is usually my first reaction to cyberpunk and other depressing style settings.

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Friday, February 18, 2011


Normally I don't do alignment posters but this one jumped out at me. Blatant evil. It's like a baby evil just leaving the nest and setting foot on its own path. Tiny little evil trying to be bad but just ending up funny. Unless you really despise people knocking over your snowmen.

Art from here
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PC Romances

I've not had any overly romantic encounters in games I've run yet. There's been some flirting, but no out and out sexy. I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Either way I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.
Art from here
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Quotes from Sky Piratey game:

Lyril ( Going to heal Kefin there. )
Hawkeye (Lyril is PARTY CLERK)

Hawkeye "Might want to tell 'em to come back, she's gonna blow."
Hawkeye sounds hilariously passe about all this
Sergio (yeah Hawkeye is practically off having a rollup XD )

Floret (Hmm... the guy I hit before... I am going to try to violently knock him unconscious for later interrogation! With the hilt of my awesome sword, of course)
LooneyGM (pommel away)

Hawkeye (also he should get +2 for SEXY BOD-AY)
Floret (Oh man, Sergio should have that as a... as a forte or foible)
Hawkeye (we'll call that the Fabio bonus)
Floret ('Loses shirt at every given opportunity')

Floret (This is the longest, bloodiest, most dramatic lifeboat trip ever)

Sergio (treasure! is it the fabled Golden Bearclaw?)
Hawkeye (no, it's the Emerald Eclair)
Hawkeye (The Ruby Rimoulade)
Sergio (platinum popover?)

LooneyGM: They rummage through the hold, one of them thinks he sees a movement under a tarp. At the last moment a rat pops out from under the edge and scurries off.
Floret: (The loyal rat has given himself up to save you!)

Floret: (Yeah, you guys can go forward without me. Hopefully. You can, can't you?)
Floret: (You're not allowed to kill me and use my corpse as a sled while I'm away)
Floret: (Not even if it snows!)

LooneyGM: It's your old friend...
LooneyGM: (I don't seem to recall his name, remind me of it will you)
Kefin: (... crack cocaine?)

Sergio throws salt in Luccal's eyes
LooneyGM: "gah!"
Sergio: "Open the door and I'll give you a wound to go with that salt!"

Kefin: (all 3 attack)
LooneyGM: (keep that up and someone's going to hit you)
Kefin: (*shrug* I figure, but this is the last guy)
LooneyGM: (there's three left)
Sergio: (uh oh!)
Sergio: (*laughtrack*)

Kefin: (I'm already down)
Lyril: ( . . . with the sickness?)

Floret: (But in the future there WILL be jumping off of things, I promise!)

Floret: "I broke some contracts, people back home tend to take that seriously."
Sergio: "can't you just send them a muffin basket?"
Floret: "Sergio, if I were to send them a muffin basket the only real change would be that they would enjoy delicious muffins as they haul my ass in."

Floret: Between the acupuncture needles and Hawkeye's reaction, Floret is a little freaked out
Sergio: "here Hawkeye, have a donut"
Sergio offers donut
LooneyGM: (And now floret is really freaked out. After all who carries a donut in their pocket and how did it survive the chase without being smashed)
Floret: (Floret will gamely ignore the magic donut for the sake of THIS)
Floret: When it becomes clear that Hawk is ignoring the donut, Floret intercepts it and eats it
Sergio: (hey man)
Sergio: (cargo pants)
Sergio: (and do not mock the emergency donut!)
Lyril: (No mocking intended. Let's just glaze over this incident.)

Hawkeye: (has lyril ever spoke?)
Hawkeye: (I don't remember her speaking)
Sergio: (nope)
Floret: (...Me neither)
Sergio: (she's the strong silent type)

LooneyGM: "Good job you could all make it, but there's one little problem."
Lyril (Why is it always a "little" problem? Couldn't it be tiny? Or minuscule? Or nonexistent?)

LooneyGM: However it appeared to be not as safe as first advertised due to the presence of people in the supposedly abandoned tavern
Sergio: (solution: kill them, then there will not be people in the tavern)

Sergio: (can't I make a joke, Looney?)
LooneyGM: (Yes you can)
Sergio: (can't I make a joke without you ruining it, Looney?)
LooneyGM: (I can't promise anything)

LooneyGM: Floret does not believe the wine has been poisoned.
LooneyGM: However
Floret: (However?)

Sergio: (hawkeye was right?)
LooneyGM: (right on which count?)
Sergio: (I think she wants to get her hands on my rolling pin!)
Hawkeye: (KNEAD DAT ASS)
Sergio: (I'll give her some cream filling!)
Sergio: (I totally just grossed myself out XD )

Floret (I choose to reroll one of those 2s))
Floret roll 1d6
dicechan --> "Floret rolls 1d6 and gets 1."


Hawkeye: (SUDDENLY)
Hawkeye: (...nothing happens)

Sergio coughs very softly
Floret: (Why would you DO that?)
Sergio: (dust)
Sergio: (DUST)

LooneyGM: "Wait."
LooneyGM: Laura disappears into the kitchen.
Hawkeye: ("Fuck me first")
Lyril: (Either that or the whipped cream.)

Hawkeye (sergio is using all of his very large muscles EXCEPT THE ONE THAT MATTERS)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bigby's Crushing Hand

Hitting on mages is always a gamble. After all if you succeed there's all sorts of magical things that could happen. Literally. However if you fail you could end up with a different sort of magic heading your way. The unpleasant crushing kind. Hope you don't have a bad break up either.

Art from D&D 3.5 source book Complete Arcane

Quotes from new game. I'm trying something new with this campaign. I'm reusing an idea I ran once for a different group. This game is a monster gestalt. Monster up one side, class up the other. Our new cast of monsters(with notes on who's playing whom):

Boddywyn: Winged Half-Fey Goblin Swordsage (Played by Nelven's player)
Haruhi: Sphinx Crusader (played by Steely Dan's player)
I'kishaeila: Valkyrie Warblade (played by Clementine's player)
Pliny: Satyr Bard (Played by Atargatis's player)
Rundalmar: Minotaur Barbarian (Played by Dhampir's player)
Toby: Dragon Swordsage thing (Played by Helena's player)

* Haruhi searches for food in the tower wreckage!
* Haruhi rolls: 1d20+1 => 1 + 1 = 2
I'kishaeila: (( NO SAMMICH FOR U! ))

* Rundalmar starts to pull out rations, munching on it as he stares at Haruhi.
Haruhi: what are you eating?
Boddywyn: And the cow is full of more suprises
I'kishaeila: He's also full of meat.

Haruhi: (( oh no what did I miss ))
Boddywyn: (( your hot sexings with Rundalmar crashed the server ))
Pliny: "...You said your Oracle was pretty, didn't you, Toby? What did she look like?"
I'kishaeila: (( a pickle. The oracle looked like a pickle. in a fancy robe. ))

Boddywyn: (( the budding relationship of a sphinx and minataur loools ))
Haruhi: (( so not going anywhere ))
LooneyGM: (( but he's big and muscular just like you like them ))
* Rundalmar winks at the sphinx
I'kishaeila: (( the rest of the group may compel you, Haruhi ))
Haruhi: (( yeah like *I* like them, not like *Haruhi* likes them ))
* Rundalmar gives a great belly laugh
Haruhi: (( NOES ))
I'kishaeila: (( NONE CAN RESIST THE PICKLE. ))
LooneyGM: (( innocent? ))
Haruhi: (( yes innocent! ))
Boddywyn: (( after stuffing run's meat into your mouth? ))
Haruhi: (( NOT THAT MEAT ))

LooneyDM: (( Everyone present and accounted for? ))
Haruhi: (( I am missing in action. This is an automated reply ))
Haruhi: (( I am battling aliens on the planet splooge using laser dildos ))
Haruhi: (( also I am possibly turning into Toby ))

Haruhi: (( that's not long hair ))
Haruhi: (( that's an ancient greek mullet ))

*Pliny spends a couple of hours practicing a flute, and annoying the hell out of everyone, before going to sleep

Pliny: (( Right now you're just a little minotaur. A calfotaur ))

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guns (or never enough kill)

The PCs always want the big guns. Sometimes in more ways than one. As evidenced by our lovely quartermistress today. And no matter what you give them they always want more, bigger guns. Until they're lugging around small artillery pieces and expecting to use them like handguns.

Art from here

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Charge! When in doubt of the enemies capabilities, Charge! How many times have you seen your players do this? Show of hands. Yeah that's what I thought. You, you in the front row. Yes you. Quite lying and put your hand up. Player's Plan A is charge the enemy. Plan B is, of course, twice as much fire as Plan A

Art from here
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Random Encounters

Every game needs a little bit of humor. Whether that humor comes in the form of exploding sheep, beer elementals, owlbears or plain old jello monsters is up to you.

Art from here
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Box of Holding

You're missing out on lots of fun if you aren't abusing extra dimensional spaces in D&D. Much like this fellow here who's lost something in a box of holding and had to go dumpster diving for it. Reminds me of the animated disney Sword in the Stone where Merlin shrinks his entire set of worldly possessions and shoves them into a carpet bag.

Art from GIS for sand scuplture
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