Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Box of Holding

You're missing out on lots of fun if you aren't abusing extra dimensional spaces in D&D. Much like this fellow here who's lost something in a box of holding and had to go dumpster diving for it. Reminds me of the animated disney Sword in the Stone where Merlin shrinks his entire set of worldly possessions and shoves them into a carpet bag.

Art from GIS for sand scuplture
LooneyDM out


  1. Now I'm picturing the "Box of Holding" as a variant on the "Bag of Holding", which allowing one to put a much larger amount of things into it, including even sharp & pointy objects since a box is much more puncture resistant than a bag, HOWEVER, a Box of Holding does NOT helpfully place what you're looking for at your fingertips - you have to rummage around to find things, and the more you put in there, the longer you have to search for the one thing you want, until eventually you have to actually get inside the damn thing just to find that orb you put in there last year! :-) Hmmm... adventuring in a Room of Holding... Yep, the possibilities are endless! :D

  2. I imagine it would be similar to Oscar the Grouch's trash can or Snoopy's dog house. Not something you want to head into lightly.