Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bigby's Crushing Hand

Hitting on mages is always a gamble. After all if you succeed there's all sorts of magical things that could happen. Literally. However if you fail you could end up with a different sort of magic heading your way. The unpleasant crushing kind. Hope you don't have a bad break up either.

Art from D&D 3.5 source book Complete Arcane

Quotes from new game. I'm trying something new with this campaign. I'm reusing an idea I ran once for a different group. This game is a monster gestalt. Monster up one side, class up the other. Our new cast of monsters(with notes on who's playing whom):

Boddywyn: Winged Half-Fey Goblin Swordsage (Played by Nelven's player)
Haruhi: Sphinx Crusader (played by Steely Dan's player)
I'kishaeila: Valkyrie Warblade (played by Clementine's player)
Pliny: Satyr Bard (Played by Atargatis's player)
Rundalmar: Minotaur Barbarian (Played by Dhampir's player)
Toby: Dragon Swordsage thing (Played by Helena's player)

* Haruhi searches for food in the tower wreckage!
* Haruhi rolls: 1d20+1 => 1 + 1 = 2
I'kishaeila: (( NO SAMMICH FOR U! ))

* Rundalmar starts to pull out rations, munching on it as he stares at Haruhi.
Haruhi: what are you eating?
Boddywyn: And the cow is full of more suprises
I'kishaeila: He's also full of meat.

Haruhi: (( oh no what did I miss ))
Boddywyn: (( your hot sexings with Rundalmar crashed the server ))
Pliny: "...You said your Oracle was pretty, didn't you, Toby? What did she look like?"
I'kishaeila: (( a pickle. The oracle looked like a pickle. in a fancy robe. ))

Boddywyn: (( the budding relationship of a sphinx and minataur loools ))
Haruhi: (( so not going anywhere ))
LooneyGM: (( but he's big and muscular just like you like them ))
* Rundalmar winks at the sphinx
I'kishaeila: (( the rest of the group may compel you, Haruhi ))
Haruhi: (( yeah like *I* like them, not like *Haruhi* likes them ))
* Rundalmar gives a great belly laugh
Haruhi: (( NOES ))
I'kishaeila: (( NONE CAN RESIST THE PICKLE. ))
LooneyGM: (( innocent? ))
Haruhi: (( yes innocent! ))
Boddywyn: (( after stuffing run's meat into your mouth? ))
Haruhi: (( NOT THAT MEAT ))

LooneyDM: (( Everyone present and accounted for? ))
Haruhi: (( I am missing in action. This is an automated reply ))
Haruhi: (( I am battling aliens on the planet splooge using laser dildos ))
Haruhi: (( also I am possibly turning into Toby ))

Haruhi: (( that's not long hair ))
Haruhi: (( that's an ancient greek mullet ))

*Pliny spends a couple of hours practicing a flute, and annoying the hell out of everyone, before going to sleep

Pliny: (( Right now you're just a little minotaur. A calfotaur ))

LooneyDM out

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