Friday, August 5, 2011

Interparty Conflict

Nothing like a good old fashioned interparty conflict to bring the game to a grinding halt. It's roleplaying at its finest. Watch the party bicker over the latest treasure haul while the bad guys advance to their goals. See the paladin chew out the rogue for killing the helpless prisoners...again. Experience the conflict as no one agrees which way they need to go to find the next plot point or encounter. Feel the magic that is roleplaying games. And don't back down because that's not what your character would do!

Art from one of the Eberron books


  1. Good stuff.
    As a GM, I love it. It's free drama, a window in what the players or characters regard as important and buys me time to breathe

  2. Of course. Breather time is great when you're DMing. It helps most when the players have taken off in an unexpected direction and you're looking for where they end up next.