Monday, June 18, 2012

Fire Resistance

This is a very important item to remember.  Resistance does not equal immunity.  Just because you resisted all of the damage this time doesn't mean the DM won't throw more of it at you next time.  Also I have been entirely remiss in my quotage from my games even though they've been mostly on schedule.

Art from GIS for "magicka burning"
LooneyDM out

No idea where I left off, so starting from a random spot.

Rush: (( /me uses the Scan spell >_> ))
Iki: (( I misread that as Spam spell ))

Pliny: (( We're monsters, dammit. We fear nothing! ))

Pliny: (( I am a glass-half full kinda bard, so I will count 50% as a victory! ))

Iki: (( the bear rugs look like pancakes with little limbs. ))

Haruhi: (( what is that? some kind of stance where you have to move to keep it active? ))
Laemkral2 : ((stance of the hyperactive child))
Laemkral2 : ((Hey mom lookatme, lookatme, lookatme, I HAVE AC BONUS! HEY MOM!))

Pliny: (( I say combat. It's like environmentalism, only more violent! ))

I'kishaeila: "Fire will chase the bugs out nd takes care of the people infesting the city."
Haruhi: "But if we burn the whole city how am I going to get my cake?"
Pliny: (( Sounds like a job for the A-Team! No wait... wrong game. ))

Boddiwyn: (( lets see what dicekhan has to say! ))

Boddiwyn: (( hmm, i wonder if the egg wil hatch   ))
Iki: (( Thransil will sit on it until it hatches. ))

Pliny: (( 4d6 extra fire damage for everyone! ))
LooneyGM: (( everyone? ))
Pliny: (( Everyone who is my ally. ))
Pliny: (( The orcs get nothing and like it! ))

LooneyGM: (( Pliny is a god ))
LooneyGM: (( go ))
LooneyGM: (( my typing is a mess tonight ))
Pliny: (( Aww, I want god powers ))

Iki: (( I can intimidate them back to life? ))
LooneyGM: (( no, you can't intimidate them back to life. You're not a 4e warlord. ))

Haruhi: (( also I think we need a character named Tom Servo now ))
Haruhi: (( to be Crow's friend ))

Pliny: (( I'm writing a song about it ))
Haruhi: (( well you ARE a bard ))

Pliny: (( Yeah, I'll have to walk up to get them in range ))
Pliny: (( If I die doing this, it's your guys' fault ))

Pliny: (( So uh... who wants to save my bacon? ))
Iki: (( BACON! ))

Pliny: (( Two guess as to what I plan to do? ))
Haruhi: (( tap dance! ))

LooneyGM: Iki's cleavage goes wild
LooneyGM: (( wide ))
Haruhi: (( also HURR WILD CLEAVAGE ))
Pliny: (( Yeah, that is a weird mental image ))
LooneyGM: (( A wild cleavage appears! ))
Pliny: (( It makes me think Iki needs a new sports bra ))

Pliny: (( You guys. If I die, I want you to have my orange juice. ))

Thransil: (( kill checks are good to roll high on :-P  ))

LooneyGM: The horses all appear to be of the magebred variety
Pliny: (( We can tell because they have identifying tags. ))
Pliny: (( Like beanie babies. ))

LooneyGM: The horses respond much more suitably to Pliny
LooneyGM: (( it's the hoofed feet ))
LooneyGM: (( oh wait, Iki has those too ))
Pliny: (( I probably smell less like the blood of my enemies than she does ))

* Iki makes like a horse herder.
LooneyGM: (( you mean a cowboy? ))
LooneyGM: (( do you put on your 20 gallon hat? ))
Iki: (( YES. ))

Pliny: (( I believe him automatically. Just 'cause. ))
LooneyGM: (( cause kitty? ))
Pliny: (( 'Cause kitty! ))

Thransil: "I agree, friend fireball finger is getting itchy."
I'kishaeila: "Fireball finger... that sounds like a medical problem."

Pliny: (( I am going to start losing what little lucidity I have, soon ))
I'kishaeila: (( that makes the game more interesting! ))

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