Friday, November 16, 2012

Rolled Stats

I'm not a fan of rolling for my character abilities.  I prefer to make the character that I want to make when I make a character for an escapist fantasy game.  I've got a list of character ideas longer than my arm and that's just for D&D.  The idea of trying to shoehorn one of them into a random set of stats makes me cringe.  In addition I've found I roll poorly for characters.  Sure when I roll test rolls for fun they'll turn up good, but as soon as I start on my official character I will be lucky to match the elite array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8).  Inevitably there will be someone else in the group who rolls much better.  Overall when I'm playing a game where I have a character for longer than one session I want to make what I want to make.  I don't want the dice to render the concept I have in mind unplayable.  Life's too short and full of amazing experiences to waste time playing a character you don't want to play.

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  1. I understand you comment but for me it's the exact opposite. I have a class in mind but I have having every player have the same array of the same numbers. My latest charecter rolled AMAZING stats for a 3.5 cleric but I had a 5. That became my dexterity because it was the only place where it didn't hurt the character as bad, so now I have a strong, handsome, smart VERY wise cleric who is near sighted and clumsy as if he was disabled. In case your wondering the states are 17 str, 5 dex, 17 con, 16 int, 18 wis and 14 cha. All rolled using 4d6 drop the lowest and rolled in front of the DM running the game, he tends to hawk my rolls for some reason. The excitement of getting rolls like taht, the amazement of seeing what comes up next is something you never get with array stats or point by.