Monday, July 29, 2013

Reward Choices

It's always good to give your players choices.  The tougher they are for the players to resolve the better.  Of course not all players are going to be aligned in such a way that moral quandaries will give them any pause at all.  These players require a different sort of tact and motivational technique, but this does not mean you can't give them difficult decisions. Anyone who wants more than one thing can be given a difficult decision.  You just have to find the two things they want most and you have the choice.
Art from here
LooneyDM out

On another unrelated note some of you may have notice that I've been rather remiss in updating on the schedule I set for myself.  This is because I have had another project in the works.  If you enjoy gaming or gaming music or just watching someone perform like a trained monkey for your amusement you may find it to your liking. 

See it here

I would also like to announce that due to this new project I will eventually stop posting posters.  Eventually.  I still have quite a few months worth of posters even if I stick to schedule.  After I run out of posters I will continue to post game quotes as they accumulate in sufficient numbers to be worthy of a post.


  1. Seriously ? You're giving up this awesome website for... what ? Juggling slowly for (what feels like) hours in front of a sheet, badly dressed as Mario ?!

    I really hope it's a joke.

  2. Sorry to disappoint, but it's not a joke. I've decided to try this different avenue for creativity. I'm not giving up this website entirely. I will still post quotes and RPG thoughts, just not posters. It will be several months before I run out of posters.

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