Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Because everyone knows all you have to do to infiltrate dwarves is drink and talk like a scotsman. It would probably help this elf if she covered up her freaking ears. I win at fail! I totally missed Monday's motivational post so here's a motivational post for you today. This is what bluff looks like untrained. With a natural one. With additional circumstance penalties. Needless to say, it's amusing.
In other news I'm going to do an entire series based off the 4e skills, using images from the Princess Bride. Look for those to start showing up within the next week or two.
Since you were deprived of my brilliantly humorous wit on Monday there will also be rp quotes to sate your appetite for humor until friday rolls round when I will regal you with another motivational poster.

From my Saturday internet game:

Steely Dan: I get eaten like once a game

LooneyDM: Steely explodes out of the middle of the goopy monster like some freaky relative of the Koolaid Man
Steely Dan: "OH AYE!"

Found ambigious drow art in real life and spent 20 minutes trying to decide if the drow was male or female or had armor with boobies or was partway inbetween male and female.

Klo: (( now i use mountain hammer ))
* Klo rolls: 1d20+14 => 4 + 14 = 18
VortDM: (( aren't you glad you saved it? ))
Klo: (( OH MY GOD ))
LooneyDM: (( including bless from the cleric and hero's sword bonus? ))
Klo: (( goes into a corner to cry ))
Steely Dan: (( dicechaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! ))
Klo: (( i rolled a 4 ))
Corbinus: (( Obviously Klo didn't leave a blessing at the temple of the dice gods. ))
Steely Dan: (( okay ))
Steely Dan: (( I am now calling dicechan "dicekhan" ))

Clementine: (( I saw that as dickchan for some reason before I realized it was dicekhan >.> ))
*Atargatis rolls: 1d8+4 damage! => 1 + 4 = 5
*Atargatis rolls: 1d6 punishing damage! => 1
Klo: (( dickchan works too ))

Steely Dan: (( fucking dicekhan always does that ))
Corbinus: (( I'm just worried about the wrath of dicekhan. ))
Klo: i think dicekhan might like his new title

To a repeating magic mouth spell on a statue
Clementine: We know, we know! We heard you the first time! I'm old, but I' ain't hard o' hearing!
* Clementine makes a face at the statues.

LooneyDM: The symbol is of a left hand with an eye in the middle of it (Symbol of Vecna)
Steely Dan: is it one o' them necrowhatsistisis?
Atargatis: (( I'm willing to bet that that's a veeeery bad thing ))
Corbinus: (( Well I know what that means as a player. ))
Steely Dan: (( oh shit it's Sauron ))
Steely Dan: (( we're fucked now ))
Corbinus: (( Sauron is fictional...this is real... ))

(After yet another person forgets that while Klo's player is female, her character is male)
Klo: You're forcing a gender change on my character!

Corbinus: Maybe I'll rebuild my Kenku rogue into a half ogre druid
LooneyDM: not complete rebuilding, she only changed some feats
Steely Dan: "you wake up after resting, and suddenly corbinus is a half-ogre. a wizard did it."

Mason: I totally didn't fail to hit the enemy on my first encounter.
Steely Dan: you totally did

Dwirnem: "Before he was the Black One, he was my teacher of the arcane arts."
Steely Dan: damn! my money was on him being dwirnem's brother
Clementine: :0
Corbinus: Duhn duhn duhn
* LooneyDM cues dramatic music
Atargatis: I was betting he was an official of some kind
Steely Dan: you're pretty close
* Atargatis nods in sad understanding.
Clementine: my money was on Mrs. Plumb in the Library.

That is all.
Looney out

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