Saturday, November 28, 2009

Riding in Style

Players always want the craziest creatures to ride into battle. Like this purple spiky dragon unicorn dog thing. Does no one want a warhorse anymore? You could name it Concord! It would be heroic! But no, not even a hippogriff will do any more. It has to be something entirely bizarre. Kids these days. *curmudgeons*

Quotes from my lovely real life saturday game:

DM: In a puff of light, Tirah disappears

Rynasia: Magic gloves of body cavity searching +1

Attapacca: The short sider. (referring to the d4)

Attapacca: I'll flank with our porcupine of doom (referring to my rogue)
Looney: Did you just call me a porcupine?
Attapacca: Yes

Rynasia: They don't see the huge goliath in front of them.

Looney: But we will call you 'dancing errors'.

DM: You take 1d6 pizza damage.
Rynasia: And 5 ongoing grease damage as it passes through your system.

DM: The cup is evil.
Looney: It sings showtunes to him.

Rynasia: You're just difficult terrain now (referring to my recently deceased rogue)

DM: Are you chaotic?
Attapacca: I'm a bard.

Cecilia: Why can't ranged powers be a sigil opening up underneath them?
Looney: Because lasers are cool!
Cecilia: You're retarded.

Vissar: I call upon the powers of scootch (referring to one of his powers that forces movement)

Tirah: I use blades of ass-astral fire.

Vimac: I'm going to actify boundless endurance.

Rynasia: I mark him with my hunter's query.

Attapacca: Neener neener. (after an archer missed her)

DM: It's a magic nose goblin (referring to the mini he used to pick his nose)

Cecilia: Give me back my d20s.
Vissar: You may be sitting on them.
(She was. They were under the pad on her chair)

Cecilia: I don't think I can handle more.
DM: No one is going to hit you.
Looney: Suddenly tentacles pop out of the hull! They all attack Cecilia.

Vimac: Use the pseudodragon as a parachute

Cecilia: Aren't you weakened after using that power?
Looney: Yes. Half of zero is still zero.
(Hooray for shielding clerics)

(After Vissar's annoying death in the crow's nest where he became a wight and was contemplating how to attack us)
Vissar: Could I just float down?
DM: You're a wight.
Looney: You should fall out of the crow's nest headfirst.
*Vissar's mini falls out of the crow's nest*
Tirah: Like that!

See you all on Monday

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