Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting your players involved in a new campaign

There's nothing quite like an immediate, unignorable threat to jump start a new campaign. Whether it be an invading army of aliens or the more mundane evil wizard laying waste to the countryside. For the more subtle among you there's always the overly suspicious death or of the resident noble's favorite child. Dropping the flash bang grenade of plot on your players will quickly get them into the action. It might delay their getting into character, but at least you'll have their attention.
Monday's need to stop happening on Tuesdays! I swear there's a time bandit stealing all my mondays. An alien invasion is an entirely classic way to start a sci fie campaign. Or you can simply start the campaign years after the invasion if you want a freedom fighter campaign, or an occupied and dangerous land. Alien invasions are so terribly versatile.
This art comes to us from SID75 on deviant art.

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