Thursday, December 24, 2009

More RP Quotes

I blame the holiday for my lack of timely updates. Thus it is written, thus it shall be done. Thus I have quotes for your viewing pleasure. This should give you a window into the insanity of the people I game with on a regular basis.

From my erratic game:
Kanoa( gnome illusionist with a frog familiar)
Rasia(human druid with a dog animal companion)
They were both playing with each others extra character in the mapping program and the animals were flying around the screen.
Kanoa: Give me back my frog!
Rasia: Not until you give me back my dog!

From my real life saturday game:
Rynasia: May I eat one of his fingers?
Attapacca: I give them all the mom eye.

DM: There is a chest.
Looney: It's fully of snakes.
Vissar: Snakes on a boat.

Cecilia: There's a little christmas tag on the chest.

Looney: I would like to cast the monkey ritual.

Looney: You're not allowed to have any weapons you can't pronounce.

Tirah: I'd like to be in front. *Her mini is moved to the very front* No not way in front.

DM: What is that attack against?
Tirah: The enemy

Looney: Ker-doom
Attapacca: I'm going to sing the doom song now. Doom de doomy doom doom

DM: He fails his save.
Tirah: 10, suck em up cupcake

Cecilia: I move away willfully, does he take his opportunity attack
DM: Yes...he misses.
Cecilia: As a free action I flip him off.

Cecilia: The dragon has a lair we can loot, right?
Attapacca: Knowing our luck he still lives with his mother.

After we're attacked in our home and its mentioned that they're after Cecilia specifically
Ceclia: Did you attack me because I'm a tiefling or because I'm awesome.

Cecilia: I'm going to dye my hair and buy new clothes.
DM: When under stress, go shopping!

Attapacca: Meanwhile back at Mount Doom...

DM: What's your breath weapon?
Tirah: The dog.

DM: He misses.
Attapacca: My sword laughs at him.

DM referring to the fact that leaders in 4e rarely affect themselves with their powers.
DM: Leaders give, they don't receive.

LooneyDM out

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