Monday, December 14, 2009

Horror games

There's something so incredibly iconic about a dilapidated gas station overrun by dark mysterious shapes. They look so delightfully horrific in the "will they steal your shadow or will they suddenly transform into a multi fanged horror" sort of way. Horror is so much better when it's not a run from the scary monster fest. However building the suspense of the situation is most difficult in a RPG session. I will run a horror campaign one of these days. It will be grand and magnificent classic horror with the unknown in the dark that you are afraid of instead of the silly "OMG MONSTER" stuff that you see today. Until that day comes I will wait, biding my time.
Art by Jollyjack. Again. I use more of his art than anyone else's. I should probably donate him a few dollars. Or buy more of his awesome art.

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