Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Silly quotes from the game I run

My saturday group is a good group. They're my longest running game and have been together for nearly 3 years now over several different campaigns. Without further nonsense, my lovely saturday group:

(After yet another person forgets that while Klo's player is female, her character is male)
Klo: You're forcing a gender change on my character!

Corbinus: Maybe I'll rebuild my Kenku rogue into a half ogre druid
LooneyDM: not complete rebuilding, she only changed some feats
Steely Dan: "you wake up after resting, and suddenly corbinus is a half-ogre. a wizard did it."

Mason: I totally didn't fail to hit the enemy on my first encounter.
Steely Dan: you totally did

Dwirnem: "Before he was the Black One, he was my teacher of the arcane arts."
Steely Dan: damn! my money was on him being dwirnem's brother
Clementine: :0
Corbinus: Duhn duhn duhn
* LooneyDM cues dramatic music
Atargatis: I was betting he was an official of some kind
Steely Dan: you're pretty close
* Atargatis nods in sad understanding.
Clementine: my money was on Mrs. Plumb in the Library.

Corbinus: You call this Demogorgon is difficult...this is merely challenging.
Atargatis: Oh. My. Gawd. DoubleBaboon!

Atargatis: I had fun being reckless and getting pummeled.

Atargatis: "...Clementine, how long are these thorns going to last, anyway?"
Clementine: Um...
Klo: "Don't hug anyone"

Atargatis: Rally some gnolls and lizards and .... little... oily things?
Steely Dan: Nae, drrragons sounds more fun

Klo: we're resting and trying to figure out how to heal the golems
Steely Dan: kay
Atargatis: But because golems can't sleep, we have to find another way to fix them up
Corbinus: Now we are setting fire to the tavern to heal the golems.

LooneyDM: The darkness flows off the bridge like a dense fog. Even those of you with darkvision cannot penetrate its depths
* Steely Dan makes rude gestures
Steely Dan: I'll penetrate YER depths

Atargatis: I'm rolling my meatspace die for damage (our game runs online)

Steely Dan: but
Steely Dan: but I wanna kill 'im
Atargatis: "Next time, Dan."
* Steely Dan makes sad puppy dog face
LooneyDM as gnoll: "No listen to little man, no kill"
* gnoll makes sad hyena face

Clementine: I"m hoping we find another wand of vigor or something.
Steely Dan: steely has a wand of vigor
Steely Dan: IN HIS PANTS

Have a merry whatever the heck we're celebrating these days.

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