Friday, December 11, 2009

Clerics (now with 75% less rant)

Isn't it grand to have a shiny white mage girl to make your point for you? I like clerics. They're one of my favorite classes. However games where clerics get to be something other than a heal bit- I mean battery are few and far between. I herefore demand that any designer who is even *thinking* about including clerics in their game shall consult with me and I shall render unto them my expertise to create a fun and usable class. Mike Mearls, I'm looking at you.

Art by saitoufly on deviant art.


  1. I'm playing a cleric right now who worships the laughing rouge and he is Chaotic Neutral, so to truly role play that part to the best and funniest way I have it were I only heal them right before they fall over, If they get diseased or are suffering from stat aliments I refuse to heal them of their sickness till I'm good and ready or make them pay in dibs on next magic item. It's worked out nicely to the point they don't do stupid things were I'm needed that often anymore. :)