Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The cast of leverage based of their roles

This is the first of several themed sets of posters. This one is based off the characters from the excellent show Leverage. I went with the best fit for each member of the team as some of them have multiple roles that they cover. Also the modern settings they run in don't exactly lend themselves completely to the roles that D&D has set up this iteration.

Hardison is 100% controller, even when he's not behind the computer screen.

Take hits and dish them out? Yup, Elliot's a defender.

Parker is really the only one of the team who comes close to striker, especially since most strikers are highly skill focused.

Sophie's mostly controller. She's got a bit of leader in her when she's not running the grifter role.

Nate is definitely a leader. Even if people aren't going to follow him absolutely, he's got the skills to back up his ideas.

The big takeaway from this huge post is that you should watch Leverage. As a GM, it will give you excellent ideas of how to pass around the spotlight during your game. As a player, it's a damn fun show.

Looney out.

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  1. Striker: I hit you.
    Defender: You hit me.
    Leader: You hit him.
    Controller: You don't hit him.