Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sorcerers (and quotes)

Motivation for a character can be tricky, especially if you want something original. You start delving into the weirdness. Or the oddly mundane. Or the entirely simplistic. Hence the thought behind today's poster. After all who doesn't like pretty lights?

DM: Where were we?
Goldielocks: Were were about to win D&D. Cthulu had 5 hp left. And it's my turn. And I haven't used my dailies yet.

DM: The card says...
Tirah: How do you know what my card says better than I do?
Vimac: Metagamer!

Looney: If we give the nugget back can we get 50 xp instead of 50 gp
DM: 25 xp.
Vimac: 30 xp.
DM: 25 xp, no more.

Vimac: I don't think we can handle a brontosaurus. Tail whip and bam! we're in the next zip code.

Goldielocks: I rolled a critical metagaming check.

DM: You're swimming along blupblupblup

DM: Init. You'll probably beat them.
Tirah: 23
Vimac: 25
Goldielocks: 25
Looney: 9
DM: Okay, you *points at looney* don't.

Tirah: I do more damage to myself than he does to me.

Tirah: *fails save against ongoing damage*
Goldielocks: *laughs*
Tirah: You're supposed to be on my side.

DM: *burps* That was the monster bellowing, not the DM burping.

Goldielocks: I roll 3 1's for damage. Lowest possible roll.
DM: And killed it.

DM: I'm requisitioning more table space.
Vimac: He filled out the forms in triplicate.

Looney (speaking about goldielocks): His hair glows and lights up the area.
Vimac: Can we enchant his hair as an everburning torch?

Goldielocks: 54 damage. I love my new at-will power.

DM: He's going to kill it
Looney: Unless he rolls a 1
Vimac: *rolls a 1* action point *rolls a 2*

LooneyDM out

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