Saturday, October 30, 2010

Character concepts

Cookie Monster barbarian. Take a moment for that to sink in. Cookie Monster barbarian. You are now incredibly terrified of the player that would make such a concept or think they have come up with the most awesome idea ever. One way or the other you can easily identify your GMing style.
I recently finished up the monstergame campaign I was running. The quote on the poster sums up my learning experience nicely. The group I ran this monstergame for optimizes a lot more than my saturday group. Which just means I'll have to run a tighter ship if I want to run for them again. Wednesday group blows the CR system out of the water even when they're only using tier 3 classes. As contrasted with saturday group whom I can tell, make a gestalt character using any and all sources and I'll still end up with a group who can be challenged by a smartly played CR relevant encounter. Such is life.
Now that monstergame is done I've been requested to run a sky pirates game. Sky Pirates will be replacing monstergame on wednesdays. I'll be switching gears away from D&D to run Sky Pirates with the PDQ# system. This should lower my mechanical workload. I will definitely need the lowered workload as the group assembling for Sky Pirates is promising to be even crazier than the group I have saturday night. I'm merely hoping to keep them from turning their first airship trip into a flying circus before the end of the first play session. After that, all bets are off.

Last set of quotes from monstergame:

Heikon: (( Oh snap, Frightful Moan ))
Onotole: (( Just don't moan when next to the succubus ))
Moastuo: (( aye, one lesbian is enough ))

Moastuo: (( are you trying to seduce me? ))
Onotole: (( Please don't seduce him ))

LooneyDM: There's a soft thud and something drops onto the jail floor.
Onotole: (( Ew, he pooped ))

Onotole: "I wonder if we could bottle the acid somehow."
LooneyDM: (( if only you had some vials ))
Onotole: (( This is a wizard's tower. We should have ALL the vials. ))
Mallexantus: (( The party is vial, evil and unrepentant. ))

LooneyDM: (( alright, let's roll ))
Mallexantus: « 1d20 = 11 »
* Moastuo rolls: 1d20 => 15
* Onotole rolls: 1d20 => 2
Onotole: ...
Onotole: Yep.

Mallexantus: "I am Mallexantus, Kyton of Jangling Hiter, bound by the old wizard to act as his jailer until his death freed me."
Moastuo: (( is it bad that I'm misreading that as jangling hitler? ))
Onotole: (( I always do. ))
Mallexantus: (( nope, everyone does. ))
Onotole: (( Mallexantus having a moustache makes him even better. ))

Mallexantus: « 1d20-2 = 20 - 2 = 18 » Ignorance: everything
Mallexantus: (( ... ))
Onotole: (( That's one hell of an ignorance roll ))

LooneyDM: As Lilith speaks the words from the book the obelisk begins to glow.
Temujin: "This should prove illuminating."
Temujin: (( YEEEEEEEEEEAH ))
Onotole: (( I see Lilith has aroused the pillar. ))

Soban (Hybrid Form): "Its a wizard. They do dumb things because they are bored."
Onotole: "I take offense to that."

LooneyDM out

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