Thursday, November 18, 2010


My sky pirates game is entirely underway at this point. They do lack a certain pizazz not having a scantily clad figurehead, or a ship for that matter. All in good time.

Art from here

Sky Piratey quotes for you:

Lyril ( Going to heal Kefin there. )
Hawkeye (Lyril is PARTY CLERK)

Hawkeye "Might want to tell 'em to come back, she's gonna blow."
Hawkeye sounds hilariously passe about all this
Sergio (yeah Hawkeye is practically off having a rollup XD )

Floret (Hmm... the guy I hit before... I am going to try to violently knock him unconscious for later interrogation! With the hilt of my awesome sword, of course)
LooneyGM (pommel away)

Hawkeye (also he should get +2 for SEXY BOD-AY)
Floret (Oh man, Sergio should have that as a... as a forte or foible)
Hawkeye (we'll call that the Fabio bonus)
Floret ('Loses shirt at every given opportunity')

Floret (This is the longest, bloodiest, most dramatic lifeboat trip ever)

Sergio (treasure! is it the fabled Golden Bearclaw?)
Hawkeye (no, it's the Emerald Eclair)
Hawkeye (The Ruby Rimoulade)
Sergio (platinum popover?)

LooneyDM out

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