Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Final Boss Battle

Not every boss battle has to be about combat. Some of them can be about other things. And it can really throw you players for a loop if they're expecting combat. "We buff up and charge in!" "The final battle begins! Dance off for the fate of the universe!" "Wtf?!"

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  1. I agree.

    I've had games end with chess and King-board duels, Olympic competitions, and Doctor Who-style talk'n'juryrig finales.

    They actually tend to be more memorable than combats.

  2. Oh absolutely. It's always fun to do something besides slog through all the bosses hp to to victory.

  3. Yes! The best endgame I ever refereed was the last two hours of a twelve hour session. Hardly an attack roll was made (the baddie was way too powerful to face directly), it was problem solving and roleplay for the win! The villain understimated their tenacity.