Saturday, December 18, 2010


Zombies! They have gotten to my brains. My last stand was more of the silly type. Here's some quotes

Art from jollyjack and GIS for zombies

Gareth: I'm a sesquipedilarian

DM: The room is trashed.
Akuma: I search the room for loots.
DM: You find trash.

Tsoria: Why do I talk to him? You'd think being married to him I'd know better.

Tsoria: It's my long lost brother. Teh Jeff!

Looney: Of course when I roll twice they're both awesome.

Gareth: I'm going to throw off a twinning stance on me, myself, and...
Akume: ...Irene

DM: This is a shadow demon. It's held together by malice and hate.
Looney: It's weak against hugs and kisses.

Tsoria: I'm going to use holy smite batman.

DM: You have frosting on your lip, is that what you tell Strahd.
Tsoria: Come over here and taste my frosting big boy.

DM: The large figure shuffles towards you.
Looney: Is he doing the truffle shuffle?
Akuma: It would be better if he was doing Thriller

DM: What's your initiative?
Looney: Last.

Akuma: I'm crystal fresh (shardmind)

Teh Jeff: I'm using appalling crunch.
Gareth: That sounds like a breakfast cereal.

Gareth: That's Mr. Warlord to you. Maybe even captain.

fighting a big glass heart
Akuma: This is only the second time in his life Akuma has had to break a heart

And we switched DMs again. This time Vimac's player is DMing
Akuma became Curd, Minotaur Seeker
Tsoria and Gareth stayed the same
I became a halfling sorcerer
Attapacca became Barden "Bones" dwarven cleric
Thalia joined us. Goliath Warden
Tor joined us. Razorclaw shifter Monk

DM: He draws out Gareth.
Gareth: Pick my wife next.
Thalia: 3, 3 fatalities ah ha ha ha

Gareth: You need to mooove.
Looney: He likes to moove it, moove it
(Minotaur characters are so much fun to tease)

Curd: I'm in the mood for halfling stew.
Looney: I'd like to see you try. I'll make your hair stand on end for a week.

Tsoria: I used one healing surge.
Thalia: I used febreeze

Curd: Moo money, moo problems

Curd: Frosty the snowwoman with some very scary snow

Gareth: Lay hands on me when you get a chance.
Thalia: Kinky

Tsoria: Is that you? (Gareth)
Curd: She doesn't remember what her husband looks like.

Tsoria (after lay on hands): Was it good for you?

Looney: We're getting knocked up. (Pause) Knocked around, around!

DM: He can't see the halfing.
Looney: My lightning appears to be coming out of the lower half of the minotaur.
Tsoria: The minotaur is shooting lightning out his ass.
Curd: I had some bad taquitos last night.

DM: You take 24 damage
Thalia: I'm down
Tsoria: Does that mean I don't get flanking any more?

DM: On the goblin you find a chain shirt, a battleaxe, and a pouch.
Curd: A couch?

Gareth: Medic! Oh wait that's me.

DM: If you don't like my English...
Gareth: Don't you mean common?

DM: Agrid, the gnome. Brother to Hagrid. Agrid is a miniature half-giant.

Gareth: I distract the drakes "I have beef jerky"
DM: It's right there in front of them (referring to the minotaur)
Curd: Well I am delicious

DM: He's almost dead
Curd: I know how that feels.
(Curd has been bloodied or dying nearly every fight)

Curd: He bravely shifts away.

Looney: The defenders and leaders are forming a defensive line.
Barden "Bones" : At least it's not a chorus line.

DM: The trees are cover, the rocks are difficult terrain.
Gareth: What are the monkeys?
Curd: The monkeys are fun terrain.

Gareth: Well crud.
Curd: Yes?

LooneyDM out.

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