Friday, January 7, 2011


Prestidigitation is one of the best spells in D&D, bar none. While there are other higher level spells that can do more, you just can't beat the usefulness of prestidigitation. After all, who wouldn't want green hair? You can do so much with it if you get creative. Not very useful combat wise but no other cantrip has the out of combat efficacy that prestidigitation does. The word is even an internal tongue twister.

This will be the last set of quotes from the saturday campaign that is wandering around under a mountain. They managed to defeat the BBEG, the deathknight they hated so much, a few other undead (DRAGON!), and emerged victorious. Next session is wrap up and rolling into a brief 4e game.

Atargatis: (( Please amend that six to however many characters we actually have ))
Atargatis: (( I was too lazy to count ))

Steely Dan: (( yes steely is like a ninja ))
Steely Dan: (( a loud blue and red stinky ninja ))

Steely Dan: (( IS HE DEAD ))
LooneyGM: (( VERY ))
Steely Dan: (( YAY ))
Dahmpir: (( GOOD ))
Steely Dan: (( CLEAVAGE ))
Helena: (( MY SOCKS ARE HAPPY ))

Atargatis: (( I am now in position to be ripped to shreds! ))
LooneyGM: (( hooray? ))
Atargatis: (( Hooray! ))
Clementine: (( that's what tanks are for! ))

On the Stinking Cloud spell
Steely Dan: (( so... it's... a giant fart? ))
LooneyGM: (( yes ))
Clementine: (( I hope we are not down wind. ))
Nelven: (( interesting way of putting it ))
LooneyGM: (( you may not blame it on soaring ))
Steely Dan: (( it's clearly helena's fault ))
* Helena bends over and rips one open.

Clementine: (( I has old-lady strength. ))

LooneyDM: "What do you want?"
Steely Dan: Moonshine!

Atargatis: "Peacebonded?"
Helena: (( « 1d20+20 = 16 + 20 = 36 » Lore, wtf does that mean ))
Atargatis: (( Helena draws on her vast Anime Convention lore! ))

Clementine: (( my mouth is not being bonded. ))
Steely Dan: (( THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID ))

Atargatis: (( To be fair, I'm a pretty crappy diplomat ))
Nelven: (( im the one with the high charism, lol ))
Steely Dan: (( I just put more ranks in intimidate. that's like diplomacy. ))

Nelven: (( does helena know how to smelt it? can she wihtout a forge? ))
Helena: (( I'm a living furnace ))
Helena: (( I think I'll manage ))
Nelven: (( either that or the bitches are gonna have a big square ass ))

Helena: "And COFFEE! I reeeeeally need some coffee..."
Atargatis: "Well, in leiu of coffee we've got you a nice fresh cup of the undead."

Atargatis: (( And I'm going to try to hit this jerk with Elder Mountain Hammer ))
LooneyDM: (( hammer time! ))

LooneyDM out

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