Friday, June 3, 2011

Cthulhu in Power Armor

There are days when your shenanigans cause the GM to throw their hands up in disgust. And then you get Cthulhu in power armor. Rocks fall, everyone dies is so last decade.

Art from here

Quotes from rebooted Greek Myth game

Andreas: (( your man isn't Andreas, but he could smell like Andreas ))

Eunike: "We'll BEETle them to a pulp!"

LooneyGM: Eunike live up to her name and victoriously flies out of the fireball, the wind under her winds
Eunike: (bounces off my iron hard feathers!)
Andreas: (( propelled by farting to make your own jet-powered owl ))
Eunike: (stupid beans)
Eunike: (but guess who's downwind of me!)
Andreas: (( NUUUUUUUU ))
Andreas: (( KOFF KOFF ))
Andreas: (( are there bones in owl farts? ))

Andreas: (( shall I sing the walking song? ))
Andreas: (( walk walk walk walk walk! ))
Mnemosyne: (( Someone needs to sing the walking song! ))

LooneyGM: (( all of you with magic, faith or power points recover all of them ))
Andreas: (( and I recover my awesome points. oh wait, I never run out of those! ))


Andreas: (( he died as he lived - with a half-eaten, uncooked rabbit in his hand ))

LooneyGM: The bug cowers
Lykaios: (( i thought it said "the bug cows" ))

LooneyGM: Mnemosyne kills the first bug so hard it kills a second one
* Mnemosyne is totally serene and composed about the AWESOME she just accomplished
LooneyGM: (( Mnemosyne turns around to face away from the explosion? ))
Andreas: (( in slow motion ))
* Mnemosyne does the slow walk away

Andreas: (( you know it is kind of funny how the little daughter of aphrodite is kicking ten times as much ass as the mighty son of zeus ))
LooneyGM: (( well she has help ))
Andreas: (( I think this is probably killing Andreas on the inside ))
Mnemosyne: (( Power of Love, bitches ))

* Arlo is curled up on the ground, snoring.
Mnemosyne: (( In the burning city. ))

Arlo: (( You're about to face your first Wild Card. ))
Arlo: (( Your cleric is out of juice. ))
Arlo: (( You've got full bennies ))
Arlo: (( Going for it? It would be in-character to do so. ))
Andreas: (( pshaw, nothing can defeat my character! ))
Andreas: (( OR SO HE THINKS ))
Arlo: (( I dunno about injury tallies, either ))
Mnemosyne: (( My character's major flaw is overconfidence ))
Andreas: (( mine is arrogance ))
Mnemosyne: (( I will charge into anything ))
Andreas: (( sooooo we're totally going for it ))

Mnemosyne: (( ... Somebody is vigorous. What, did he drink three red bulls before the fight? ))

Arlo: (( I use my action to try and find the bathroom in this shithole! ))
Mnemosyne: (( If it's a shithole, do you need a specific place to go to the bathroom? I mean, really. ))

Aeton: (( It's an old man! Kill it before it can speak! ))

LooneyDM out

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