Friday, March 1, 2013

Hammy Deaths

As a DM you need to have fun with your game.  Hamming up the deaths of enemies is just one of the memorable options you can take to have your fun.  The monster is going to die anyways so enjoy their short existence by dragging it out into a 10 minute death scene.

Art from WotC Art Gallery
LooneyDM out

Been a while so quotes:
Dashiyn: (( I don't want to take damage   ))
Markarian: (( arent you a pile of damage taking meat, get in there nature boy ))

Rendar: You should probably count yourself lucky he isn't trying to hit on you Pitch.
Markarian: Ive tried, shes forstier than a frost giants behind
Pitch:  "Yeah, that happened years ago. Don't you remember?"
Pitch: "There were fires."
Markarian: fires of passion. besides, you like the flame
Pitch: " 'Like' and 'am resistant to' are separate things."
Iannes: (( I'd say there were also flail wounds...but we all know that definitely didn't happen! BURN! ))

LooneyGM: (( what languages do you all speak? ))
Pitch: (( Apparently none. Looks like I never filled this out ))

Pitch: (( I'm amazed no one has asked how I know about prison manifests. Which is fine, because I don't have an answer yet ))
Markarian: (( soo, were you ever foxy boxing in a prison? maybe on naked wash day ))
Iannes: (( *smacks markarian* ))
Iannes: (( sexual harassment IN character, please ))

Pitch: (( Ha ha, silly pit trap! It's Pitch that moves, not Pit! ))
Markarian: in soviet russia, pit trap moves you

LooneyGM: (( You find 300 gps worth of residuum in the remains of the trap ))
Rendar: (( I snort it. ))
Iannes: (( I'm pretty sure you now are a +1 barbarian ))

Iannes: Hello goblin folk! We're here to rescue those of you who aren't yet insane!
Rendar: Hey, we'll rescue the insane ones as well.
Iannes: Don't coddle them, that's how you end up with a welfare state

Iannes: (( New party SOP, keep a rust monster in a bag of holding ))
Pitch: (( That sounds like it has a hilarious potential to backfire! ))
Pitch: (( So I'm all for it ))

Iannes: (( We are a well oiled machine of destruction. ))
Markarian: (( i prefer well lubed ))
Iannes: (( You would. i bet you keep Grease readied at all times ))

Iannes: (( Pitch, you officially have bipolar digital dice ))

Pitch: "Aaah. There is peace in my soul. Maybe it's the glow of victory... maybe it's the fire."
Markarian: (( or my painfull death ))
Rendar: "It's probably Markarian lying on the ground."

Markarian: (( i just realized, i could have totally given myself a dragonmark back there ))
Pitch: (( Maybe it would have leveled you out to sane ))

Pitch: (( Anything we own for more than five minutes gets blown up ))

Iannes: (( Oh, yeah. No we suck at sneaking. ))
Iannes: (( Like I could multi-class as a vacuum when it comes to sneaking. ))

Iannes: "Fight now, sexual harassment later!"

Iannes: My inner suicidal voice says we take the sheer clliff face

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