Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Early morning lazy quote post

Night shift night shift, what would I do without you? Oh yes, get decent amounts of sleep and not be up at 1 am posting this. Quotes away!

DM: Most of the cat warriors have steel claws over their real claws.
Attapacca: They had their nails done

Tirah: I can speak it but not read or write it
Attapacca: To win their trust you must play scrabble. Evil scrabble.

DM (as chieftain): Why did you bring all these people back to me. They must have rolled really well on diplomacy

DM: All our warriors are the best because we only have one stat block.

Goldielocks: There's some eight legged lizard things in the trees.
Tirah: Do they look like they'd make good handbags

DM: You feel your skin harden.
Attapacca: Darn it, I had a facial today.

Attapacca: What would have happened if he failed?
DM: Petrified.
Vimac: He'd be the new statue in the swamp.
Tirah: Could we fix that?
DM: With the right ritual.
Vimac: We'll shove him in the bag of holding
DM: If he doesn't fit, chip off chunks.
Goldielocks: You put my left hand on my right side!
Vimac: You put my head on backwards!
Attapacca: Why didn't anyone tell me my ass was so big?

Looney: Let's see if I can do this *rolls a 20*
Attapacca & Tirah: Yay!
Goldielocks (from the bathroom): Yay!

DM: That's the 4th '1' on memory of a thousand lifetimes.
Looney: They were bad memories
DM: More like memory of two life times
Attapacca: Those were the life times they were drunk.

Vimac: We fought a basilisk and no one got stoned.
Attapacca (singing): Everyone must get stoned.

LooneyDM out

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