Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lazy quote post wednesday

Yeah yeah. It's wednesday somewhere in the world. Maybe not here. Quotes today come from my wednesday night monster game. Incoming quotes:

Onotole: (( We should name him Pete and put him in a Haversack. ))

Mallexantus: "Corpses are greyed out. Avoid."

LooneyDM: (( Onotole is up and grabbing the tentacle ))
Onotole: (( Alright, let me figure this out... ))
Moastuo: (( ride the tentacle! ))

LooneyDM: (( give me a spot check ))
* NEO|Phyte rolls: 1d20+12 => 20 + 12 = 32
Lilith: (( NEO's rolling a lot of 20s o_O ))
Moastuo: (( that's how I roll ))

LooneyDM: Last session our monsters traversed down into the tower where they found a water level
Moastuo: (( it's like we're really playing final fantasy ))
Moastuo: (( next we're visiting the fire temple ))

LooneyDM as abiel: "Greetings."
Moastuo: (( he didn't use a z, IMPOSTER ))

Heikon: "Magic is weeeeird."

Onotole: (( It is an important part of Onotole's character that he hates stairs ))

Moastuo: (( yes, let's move on before Lilith decides that some of the mushrooms make for good aphrodesiacs ))
Lilith: (( or dildos ))
Lilith: (( >_> ))
Moastuo: (( that sounds unhealthy, even if they're sturdy enough to not break ))
Rajani: ((Wouldn't mushrooms generally be too soft?))
Onotole: (( We are not going to discuss mushfroom dildo physics. ))
Rajani: ((Even if they don't break, it couldn't be a satisfying experience))
Rajani: ((Plus, well... You might end up pregnant with myconids))
Rajani: ((Are there such things as Half-Dragon Myconids?))

Onotole: (( So you're gonna grease up and get tentacled... ))

Soban (Hybrid Form): « 1d20+7 = 20 + 7 = 27 » I assume I fail

LooneyDM: (( are you going to continue on the formians or no? ))
Onotole: (( Me? No, they're like puppies to Onotole ))
Onotole: (( Poisonous insectoid puppies ))

LooneyDM: The glowing rune does not change when Onotole cleans it but he can see the runes clearly now
Mallexantus: (( I can see clearly now the rune has gone. I can see all obstacles disappear. ))

LooneyDM out

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