Friday, July 8, 2011

Demon Parents

I know that this isn't what's going on in this picture, but darn if it doesn't look like the demon is chewing out the tiefling like the tiefling is his kid. "No more helping old ladies across the street or you're grounded from the torture chamber for a month!"

Quotes from saturday game:

Boddywyn: It's me you brainless cow!

Boddywyn: (( toby is my mule now, hur hur ))

Pliny: (( I'm fully healed. Let's go kill stuff! ))
Iki: (( wait, I'm suppose to say let's go kill stuff XD ))

Haruhi: (( dammit iki stop being so bloodthirsty! ))
Haruhi: (( and I know that's like saying "dammit sun stop being so bright" ))

Toby: "I sure hope she enjoyed her finely shredded meat sandwich."
LooneyGM: (( ground dolgrim? ))
Rundalmar: (( its a delicacy in 3rd world countries ))

Crow of the Foothills: "It is the hunters. We must either flee now or prepare to fight."
Boddywyn: feeling sounds like a good idea

* Iki rolls: d20+12 mountain hammah on dolgaunt2 => 20 + 12 = 32
Toby: (( YES ))
LooneyGM: (( that's a crit, roll to confirm ))
* Iki rolls: d20+12 crit => 4 + 12 = 16
Toby: (( FUCK ))
Iki: (( screaming fuck around tentacle monsters seems... wrong. ))

* Rundalmar rolls: d20+1 clomp clomp clomp => 1 + 1 = 2 (move silently roll)
Toby: "Rundy, what the fuck are you doing?"
Iki: (( riverdancing! ))
Toby: "Are you fucking tap dancing back there?!"
Toby: "Dammit, he's doing the Charleston."
* Rundalmar is doing a bad immitation of michael jacksons "beat it"

Toby: "Rundy, give us your loincloth."
Rundalmar: ......
Toby: "It's for a surrender flag, dammit!"
Rundalmar: "NOT going to happen."

guard: "Who are you creatures? And what are you doing on the battlefield?"
Iki: (( would you like to support the girl scounts of D&D and buy some cookies? ))

Pliny: (( I have no idea. What's a diplomatic way to say I have no idea? ))

Toby: (( reproduction via mullet propagation ))
Rundalmar: (( beware the fertility mullet! ))

Iki: (( is that Mr T at the head of the table? ))
Meeting Dalin d'Vadalis

Pliny: (( And like all cats, Haru proceeds to sleep for the next 20 hours ))

Haruhi: "we should have come here first guys. we could have been eating the WHOLE TIME"

Iki: (( Toby wants to smell his best going into battle! ))

Pliny: (( Tell them I died bravely instead of just stupidly! ))

LooneyDM out


  1. I love move silently checks. They are always ruined by the bigger ones who just don't care at all about sneaking around.

  2. This group is full of the bigger ones. Over half the team qualifies as BSFs.