Saturday, July 30, 2011

Epic Pyromancer

You know there's heroes that just want to watch the world burn. In many cases this is a figurative burning. In others it is a literal burning. Of course if the player wants to take it this far you may have to retire the character to BBEG status.

Quotes from Greek Game:
Arlo: (( we are from Chicago, this is Cleveland, now we're going to Atlanta, and Andreas is from Boise, Idaho ))
Arlo: (( we are going from cleveland to atlanta through the candy mountains ))

Andreas: (( and yes I totally just invented the word "scruffians" ))

Mnemosyne: (( Mystery rock wall? Clearly it's naptime! ))

Lykaios : (( do they speak? ))
Mnemosyne: (( One just hit on Andreas ))

harpy 2: "It wouldn't make a difference if you spent the afternoon with us instead of chasing after him."
Andreas: (( ummm ))
Andreas: (( I am not sure what to say now ))
Andreas: (( I need an adult! ))

Mnemosyne: (( Is it... a Roc?! I dunno if we can beat one of those ))
Lykaios: (( more hippies ))
Lykaios: (( herpies ))
Lykaios: (( harpies ))

Andreas: (( I'm never going to get to kill anything ;_; ))
Mnemosyne: (( I didn't mean to explode the bird! It's not my fault I'm awesome ))

Andreas: "It's not that I don't appreciate the attention, but we just don't have time for all those harpies to fawn over me"

warrior: "I will lead on, but follow closely. I'd rather not get thrown off the mountain."
Lykaios: (( better him then us ))
Aeton: (( You're all heart, Lykaios. ))

* Telly rolls: d6 => 6
* Telly rolls: d6 => 5
Andreas: (( HA ))
Andreas: (( my notice roll goes to eleven. dohoho ))

* Lykaios takes out his short sword and cuts off Ormorg's tounge, Slips that bad boy in his pocket
* Aeton decides to ignore that slip of the tongue

Andreas: (( but this is a character quirk that I have so I get more edges or something ))
Andreas: (( also, ROLEPLAYING ))

Mnemosyne: (( Nice city you got here. Sure would be a shame if someone... SET IT ONE FIRE ))
Mnemosyne: (( ON fire. ))
Aeton: (( I see your two fire and raise you one. ))

Andreas: (( I think "amuses the DM" translates to "doom for the characters" ))
LooneyGM: (( doesn't it always, Telly? ))
Andreas: (( yes. ))

Mnemosyne: (( How about this: "Aphrodite, we require a Golden Apple in our quest, but have not your Heaveny Beauty by which to win one. Pls advise" ))

* Lykaios hugs Andreas
* Lykaios smiles as a string of snot goes from his waist from his nose
Andreas: "I realize I am totally amazing, but you are not allowed to hug me unless you are sterilized"
Andreas: "Preferably by lava."

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