Thursday, September 8, 2011

Campaign Ends

Every campaign must come to an end. How they end can be up to the DM, or sometimes up to the players. Greek game is ending, though not with the Eiffel tower sinking into a swamp. It was almost a "BBEG shot dead in the middle of his monologue". The BBEG didn't monologue but he did almost drop in the first round. Thank goodness for savage worlds bennies and good vigor rolls. On the other hand it would have been really amusing to have him go down in the first shot. That's just how my sense of humor rolls. It also would make for a great story after the fact. After all which is more amusing in the telling "They had an epic battle and pulled through by the skin of their teeth" or "They one shot the BBEG right off the bat, first attack, no survivors". Personally I'd go with the latter.
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Last Quotes from Greek game:

Aeton: (( Was difficult to find you guys. I must have been wandering around bricks for hours. ))

Andreas: my toughness is 9
Andreas: (( that was ooc ))
Mnemosyne: (( What, Andreas didn't shout 'My Toughness is Niiiiiiiine!" to the heavens? ))
Andreas: (( No. he would shoud "My Toughness is OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAND!" ))

LooneyGM: (( everything explodes ))
Mnemosyne: (( Everything explodes? Well I guess that ends the fight! ))

Lykaios: (( trying to figure out what is more stunning, your looks or your arrows ))

Mnemosyne: (( I think you just crushed it into a tin can ))
Andreas: (( I shall fill it with hummus ))
Andreas: (( for a party in my honor ))
Mnemosyne: (( I'll bring some pitas to go with ))
Lykaios: (( i'll bring the squirrel ))
Andreas: (( you are not invited to Andreas's party ))
Andreas: (( he doesn't want everyone to get food poisoning ))
Lykaios: (( but you look a lot better in comparison besides me. It's the wingman affect ))
Andreas: (( the son of Zeus does not need a wingman! ))
Lykaios: (( then he'll be the dreaded cock block! ))

* Andreas rolls: d8+d6+d6 => 5 + 1 + 2 = 8
Andreas: (( aw. lemme reroll that 1 ))
* Andreas rolls: d6 => 2
Andreas: (( ...yay ))
LooneyGM: (( so 9? ))
Andreas: (( yes ))
VortGM: (( this will not be enough, do you wish to benny again ))
Andreas: (( um. sure. ))
* Andreas rolls: d6 => 2
Andreas: (( whatever I'm done, Zeus has forsaken me ))

LooneyDM out

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