Friday, September 23, 2011

High Magic Settings

I enjoy high magic settings. It's fun to consider the implications of magic. While you could end up with a world that looks a lot like our high technology world that's no fun at all. After all baby dragons powering ovens could lead to all sorts of ethical and logistical difficulties. Depending on what sort of magic is easiest to conjure the tone of the setting changes drastically. After all if necromancy is non-evil and reliable the world is different than if illusions are the only magic that is easy enough to be worth the effort. This of course explains why I find Eberron so intriguing. Hooray for magitek settings!

Quotes from real life game:

Barden "Bones" : I don't have swirly purple dice. I have dice envy.

Thalia (to minotaur druid): We have to keep you away from china shops.

DM: The staircase descends into darkness.
All: dun Dun DUN!

Bones: It's not delivery it's Dzoran (Dzoran, my halfling sorcerer. I hate naming characters)

Curd(Minotaur Druid): I got these licked.
Gareth: Salt licked.

Dzoran: Everyone's shooting lightning out their ass today.
Curd: And it burns.

DM: Elf and halfing pudding. The halfing pudding is the light stuff.
Curd: Half the calories.

Gareth(to minotaur druid): Don't worry, if you die we'll honor you with a barbecue

Thalia(goliath warden): Are they human like me?

Bones (Dwarf Cleric): Who's the leader of this party?
Looney: I thought you were.

Crud: In all my D&D groups I've never seen a PTK.
Gareth: TPK?

Tor: 19+20...
Gareth: That's his once a week power.

DM: They both go down.
Looney(halfling sorcerer): I do a little dance, and I do mean little.
Bones: You can't do anything more.

DM: This is the most powerful holy symbol you've found.
Looney: This is the only holy symbol we've found.

Thalia: That's not a rat.
Tor: It's a flaming rat.
Thalia & Bones: Oh hay!
DM: The room is full of rats.
Bones: Oh rats.

Bones: I attack the wat.

Bones: My warhammer needs a name.
Looney: Thelma
Thalia: Buffy
Curd: Piffer
Bones: I shall name it Squishy.

Curd(Minotaur druid): I'm going to shift back.
DM: Chicken.
Curd: No, beef.

DM: You see some sort of blobby things.
Curd: Who's in the mood for jello?

Curd: 10 points of damage.
DM: To?
Curd: 10 points of damage.
DM: To?
Curd: Does it have 8 resist?
DM: Which one are you attacking?

Thalia: Feed the halfing to it.
Looney(Halfing): Halfings are not good eats
Bones: They're like an appetizer.
Tor: Hot Wings
Looney: Halfings are not Cajun either.

Bones: It wobbles at us menacingly.

Bones: Is the fungus edible.
Thalia: Yes, but you'll be seeing pink elephants.
Bones: It's for medicinal purposes.
Gareth: Sure, medicinal. It's for your "glacoma"

Thalia: We'll dress the halfling as a singing telegram.
Looney: I'm a halfling, not an oompa loompa.
Thalia: A little orange paint will fix that.

LooneyDM out

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