Friday, December 30, 2011


This one requires explanation.  In the 3.5 edition of dungeons and dragons there is the skill diplomacy.  It allows you to improve the attitude of npcs towards your character.  Attitudes range from hostile to fanatical follower (epic usage).  The problem is the difficulty of the skill check is a fixed number.  A low fixed number.  Low enough that a moderately optimized PC, usually the bard, has a chance of turning an intelligent hostile force into their bestest buddies in the same time it takes the fighter to swing his sword once.  As you might guess, this can cause problems.  I firmly believe that TJ thyne's character in Validation is one.  The difference from him and a normal PC is that he uses his skills for good and awesome, not selfish ends.  If you haven't watched the short.   Go watch now.

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  1. I have heard this term popping up on Know Direction/3.5 Sanctuary. Do you know where it originated?

  2. I believe it originated on the WotC Optimization boards where they first created the diplomacy focused character to abuse said static DCs.