Friday, December 2, 2011

Marvelous Pigments

 The marvelous pigments are an unusual item.  Which is what makes them so much fun.  Paint what you want and it becomes real.  This one comes straight out of legend and fairy tale.  I'd prefer if all magic items were like the marvelous pigments.  No more +x to attack, damage, stat, saves, etc items.  Those can burn.  The only magic items should be those that give you different or new capabilities outside of what your class can do normally.  Obviously this is easier to do for the less magical classes.  But still.  No more +x items.  Only special stuff like Marvelous pigments and decanters of endless water!
Art from here
LooneyDM out

Quotes from new 4e game I'm running:

*Gniff brings fourth all his might and cleaves greatly.
Ideos: (( but there's only three of them ))

Ideos: (( Make it explode   ))
Lamm: (( Yes! Explode it! ))
Msamaki: (( hmmm... ))
Ideos: (( Less thinking more exploding ))

LooneyGM: (( congratulations, you have knocked a snake prone ))

Ideos: (( You find God. Before the divine characters did. Bastard. ))

Ideos: "I'll go down first and send a signal if I find something."
Eneki: (( I assume his signal is going to be "oh my god snakes, so many snakes" ))

LooneyGM: (( sorry, the trap has been bloodied for a few shots now ))
Msamaki: (( ... that's our blood on it. ))

Hanif: "Never before I have faced such a powerful foe."
Lamm: "...It was a top."
Hanif: "It may of been a top, but it was also a warrior worthy of respect."

Gniff: (( for once in my life, i would be delicious ))

Lamm: (( Ha ha haaaaa. "Oh hey, doggies! Should I attack them? Hmm... well, one IS gnawing on my leg and the other IS trying to get at my throat..." ))

Gniff: (( we just need to go do some low level quests, you know the ones where we need to go get 5 rat's tails ))

Lamm: (( Resting. This junk room seems like an inviting place to nap! ))
Lamm: (( It's quaintly decorated with dead jackals ))

LooneyGM: (( what did you take for your 1st level item? ))
Eneki: (( item of forgetfulness =/ ))

Eneki: (( it only works when I do it for you ))
*4e Warlords*

Msamaki: (( WAI AM I IN FRONT? ))

Lamm rolls: 1d20+5 diplomacy => 20 + 5 = 25
Msamaki: (( did that knock the angle prone? ))
Gniff: (( by shear awesomeness ))
Lamm: (( What, like an obtuse angle? ))

Msamaki: (( clearly we need the bat signal for this quest. ))

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