Friday, March 16, 2012


Can you tell what my players have been doing recently?  And where they've been doing it?  I mean really.  You'd think they'd get the hint after the first one.  But no.  This is why they can't have nice things.  Well that and the constant complaining.  That's not my players though.  They're good about not complaining.  Everyone else on the internet though...  There was another supposed leak of the D&Dnext playtest rules.  Of course everyone decided that they were the worst thing ever and they would never convert to the new edition.  Ever.  In a million trillion years.  What is it with the internet and people complaining?  Diablo 3 is announced for May 15th.  Not 5 minutes later there are people posting that they played the beta and that it is a horrible game that Blizzard completely ruined.  Internet people are crazy.  Same deal with anything that is revealed about D&D next.  The loudest and most frequent posters are the most negative.  I suppose when you have something nice to say it doesn't take nearly as long as saying something negative in as many was as possible.  Sheesh.  Internet, why you so crazy?

Art from GIS for eberron airship
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