Friday, March 9, 2012


I saw polls when 4e first came out indicating that people enjoyed playing strikers the most out of all the roles provided in the system.  I do admit that there is something quite satisfying about doing lots of damage, but it never seems to work for me.  Not the ability to do damage.  That party I can accomplish as a striker fine.  It's the part where I feel like my contributions have significant meaning to the combat encounter.  I tend to look at it like this.  The defender can mark enemies and do special stuff when they trigger the mark.  Leaders can buff, clear status effects, heal and sometimes debuff.  Controllers move enemies around, debuff, and apply status effects.  Strikers do damage.  But so does everyone else.  Some of them can even do as much damage as strikers with powers.  Sure striker at-wills do more consistent damage than the others but it never feels like enough to me.  It leaves me wondering if I shouldn't play a leader or a controller instead because they make me feel like I'm accomplishing more.  I'm just weird I guess.

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