Friday, April 6, 2012

Modular and the RPG

Good news today in dndnext or 5e or whatever it's being called now.  This article gives actual specifics of how they're going to make the game modular and cater to the "simple choices" and "tinkerer" player types.  I for one am highly optimistic.  I place myself firmly within the "tinkerer" playstyle unless involved in a one shot.  That said D&D since 3rd edition has been atrocious for one shots due to the lack of quick to build characters.  It is my personal hope that they can pull this off so the "simple choices" and "tinkerer" players can play at the same table without issue.  Of course this requires things.  The overarching themes and backgrounds need to be built from discrete pieces that are balanced against one another in functional utility.  For example if the power attack feat or obtain familiar feat are part of distinct themes those need to be balanced against each other unless they are packaged with other options when broken out of those themes.  Whether or not this can be managed remains to be seen.  Looking forward to this weekend as well as another group of players descends on the dndnext playtest at pax east.  I hope their impressions make it to the net post haste even if they can't tell us anything specific.

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