Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Campaign

The resemblance is eerie.  The hair even matches to a point.  Of course the griffin doesn't but that extraneous.  Today starts my new Eberron campaign.  Which has everything to do with this poster.  Specifically the Mr. T part.  The new campaign is the A-team in Eberron.  They haven't picked out roles yet, and there's more of them than were on the original A-team.  I expect crazy plans to abound.  That's about standard for my groups.  This is of course half the fun.  The other half being violence.

Art from WotC D&D art archive
LooneyDM out


  1. It can't be Mr. T.

    You'd never get BA Baracus on one of those flying creatures.

    1. Not without a sleep spell at least. Or Drow sleep poison.