Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Noble Sacrifice

You know those days when you feel that the rest of the party is out to get you.  When you're a dwarf in full plate on foot, the rest of the party is mounted or packing longstrider boots, and they want to take on the terribly dangerous but fairly slow gigantic serpent.  Yup, you've been nominated for noble sacrifice duty!  Noble sacrifice duty is a long time honored tradition among adventuring parties.  Someone will have to take up the valorous sword of party defense to allow all of the smarter or luckier (depending on how you decide who has to take noble sacrifice duty) party members to escape with their lives.  This is why I try to stay away from characters with both low int and low wis.  One or the other can keep you out of noble sacrifice duty for a good long while.  Also playing the cleric helps.  No one wants to lose the healer.

Art from Nodwick
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