Friday, July 20, 2012


It's 10 minutes until game and the Dungeon Master isn't ready.  Or at least it doesn't look that way.  But he has a plan.  The plan of no plan at all.  He will come up with an amazing session using no more time than it takes you to read this sentence.  Or at least that's how he imagines it going.  In reality it isn't so clear cut.  The "brilliant" idea and "exciting" encounter look great from his side of the screen.  Maybe not so much from the other side.  Unless you've honed those skills.

Art from GIS for "indiana jones rocket launcher"
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  1. For every story I hear about how amazing a session was with no prep time at all, I hear a dozen about how it fell apart within an hour since the balance was wrong, people were bored or the kick ass NPC that was supposed to help out, but instead did everything instead of the PCs was in fact an exPC that GM loved in a very special way. (Oh yes, that was a very poor game)

    I can do little here but offer up a touch of advice that will allow people to hopefully shorten their prep time, and help if they are forced into improvisation by the actions of the villains. I mean players.