Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Fire!

This is one of life's early lessons that roleplayers need to learn.  Other wise there is burning and chaos and dead PCs every where.  Of course some make it to a ripe level of experience without learning this, or by hiding their tendencies well.  On a completely unrelated note I have a list for you of things my psion is no longer allowed to do in game.

Things my psion is no longer allowed to do:
1) I may not set the druid on fire to prevent ninja attacks.
2) I may not set myself on fire, even if I have the fire resist to take it.
3) Ditto for the swordsage.
4) The elf's woodsy nature does not make her extra flammable.
5) Pointing out that forest fires occur naturally will not make the druid less upset 
6) Even if it makes him do more damage, I may not set the grappling barbarian on fire.
7) I may not set the bard on fire for the sole purpose of making "flaming" jokes at his expense.
8) I will stop referring to the halfling as kindling. 
9) While fire is a versatile problem solving tool, setting the rogue on fire does not improve his sneaking ability.
10) I may not set enemies on fire as an intimidation technique.
11) Especially if I have no way to extinguish the fire.
12) I may not try to set records in the "Most enemies set on fire in an encounter" category
13) This goes double if it is a social encounter
14) [redacted]
15) If the DM includes monsters with fire resist in the encounter, I will not complain about having to use one of the "boring" elements (aka cold, lightning, or sonic).
16) I am not allowed to make a knowledge (flammability) check upon entering a building.
17) I do not receive xp for anything killed in any tavern, brothel, stable, castle, or forest fires I start.
18) I may not refluff my energy ray power as coming from my eyes, mouth, or any other orifice on my body.

There may be more on this later.

Art from GIS for "Pyro"
LooneyDM out


  1. Brilliant and hilarious XD

  2. Of course, one has to ask what #14 was...

  3. Thanks. As to #14 there is a reason it was redacted...

  4. I'm guessing a overly destructive use for fire that actually came to be useful