Monday, July 16, 2012

Never Split the Party

Sound advice that bears repeating.  But players will never learn.  I speak from experience as a player on this one.  Off goes the rogue and swordsage scouting ahead on their own.  Next thing you know they're running back to camp with an entire orc warband in tow and the spell casters haven't gotten their daily spells back yet.  That's how you get a party started!

Art from GIS for "monster ambush D&D"
LooneyDM out

Oh yeah, and quotes:

Orc: (( I have a kitty... itty bitty kitty! mew! ))

Makani: ((Congratulations you just did as much damage as a caltrop))

Makani: ((My name is not Mankini!))

Derfoom: ((Elan is not a good role model for a bard))

DM: (( rear guard... mankini... it's made to be! ))

The tendriculous shrivles up in a pile of burning leaf and ash
Derfoom: "It's true! It's true! More fire is the answer!"


  1. The answer is to have the whole party stealthy enough to scout in force. We've run a few groups like this and it's incredibly fun for the players. It can be hard on the GM's ego though. During the surprise round everybody pops out of the darkness, tumbling into flanking positions like some murderous cirque de soleil and then they sneak attack and kill the bad guy before it gets a chance to attack.

  2. We did try this once. I was the DM for that one. However the tactical grasp of several of the players didn't allow for quite the level of evisceration that you describe. But fun was had by all.