Monday, August 6, 2012


As a DM I can think of no more enjoyable trait for a player to have than curiosity.  With it they take plot hooks regardless of concern for their character's safety.  They have to look into the burial site.  They want to find out what the vizier is hiding.  They desire to find out all the whozits and whatzits and whyzits.  I believe it behooves all DMs, GMs, Storytellers, etc to encourage and reward curiosity.  Because if you punish it, it becomes lost, never to be found again.

Picture from GIS for curiosity rover
LooneyDM out


  1. I can't imagine a game working without it. Seen a player -same guy, more than one occasion - walk away from a game because there wasn't a plot presented to him, and refused to follow a plot hook as it would be work without the promise of reward. Not the kind of thing we need as GMs...

  2. That's no fun at all when players don't even take the plot hooks right in front of their faces. Thankfully while I've heard horror stories like that I've not experienced them first hand.