Monday, August 20, 2012


Near misses and other hijinks.  All of these can be yours for the price of one trait!  I've always wanted to play a luck based character but I've not run into a system that can adequately model what I want to do.  Rerolls are nice, added bonuses are nice, but it just doesn't create that intangible feeling of having a character who is lucky.  Unless you go by the astronomer definition of lucky.  ie, if you weren't lucky then it would have been something even worse happening.

LooneyDM out.


  1. Check out Amber. No dice rolls, but you can either pay for 'good stuff' with character build points, or get more of them for other thing by taking 'bad stuff'. It's simple, and it works.

  2. I have heard things about Amber. Not good or bad, but things. Not sure if I'm ready to try completely diceless gaming just yet.

  3. Classic Unisystem- there you spend you Quality points or XP on levels (basically, times per session) of "Good Luck" and spending it allows you to universally luck out=)