Friday, December 21, 2012


You may be familiar with the quote that goes like this:
Fighter: "I can kill a guy on my turn."
Cleric: "I can kill a guy in half my turn."
Wizard: "I can kill a guy before my turn."
Bard: "I can get three idiots to kill guys for me."
To me this sums up bards.  They're idea men with the force of charisma to have others carry through on their ideas.  They're the guileful heros who have a trick up their sleeve.  They're the type of character I'd love to play but simply can't because I don't think that quick on my feet. 
I've always thought of bards as the most heroic of classes.  I believe this is because I expect my heroes to be at least moderately competent at a wide variety of talents.  Swordfighting, swinging from chandeliers, bluffing or sneaking their way past guards.  The bard is the class that you don't need to have extrinsic motivation for them to adventure.  They adventure because ADVENTURE!

LooneyDM out


  1. It also depends on the party. If you have a small group where you're not sure you can cover all the roles, bards rock! They do a little fightin', a little thievin', a little healin'.

    In a big group they become the second string. When everybody does something better than you, it's hard to stand out. And if those players are jealous of their niches, then it's a hard game to play.

  2. Yeah, jack of all trades classes tend to have that problem in any game. Table top or otherwise.