Friday, December 7, 2012

Expectations (Fighter)

I like it when I can challenge expectations in a RPG setting.  As this series of posters should make clear.  Yes, there will be more.  I promise to cover all of the classic D&D classes with this series.  The fighter in 3.5 was less flexible than others in the classic set but there is still room to do the unexpected.  Like an archer.  Fighters can make better archers than rangers in many cases as they aren't locked into certain feats and progress feats faster than archers get their bonus features.  Or you can go a completely different route with sword and board (not recommended), gattling chain tripper (trip ALL the enemies), or the power attack combo (if I can charge it, it is dead!).  Still plenty of flexibility to mess with expectations. 

Again art from League of Legends (specifically the wiki)
LooneyDM out

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