Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Expectations (Bards)

I hate to put this poster up.  But I also hate to leave a joke like this hanging out there.  This was supposed to go up Monday but I forgot about it.  So just imagine it came right after the wizard expectation poster.  The reason I hate to put this up is I completely disagree with the people who say bards are useless.  They may take a little more planning and effort than some other classes, but they are not useless.  Which makes them the perfect class for this set of posters on expectations, because you could possibly blow people's minds with an unexpected use of a bard.  But I couldn't make that joke because this one was funnier.  Such is the life of one being humorous on the internet.

Art from LoL
LooneyDM out

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  1. You are a genius thank you all those expectations memes their you are brilliant.