Friday, October 30, 2009

Comparing Players to Artificial Intelligences

AI in games tends to be bad. Not necessarily because the AI isn't working from a programming stand point, but because of game rules that the AI seems to not realized are in effect. The numbskulls in Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 are a perfect example of this travesty. The AI has no conception of Attacks of Opportunity so it runs willy nilly across the battlefield trying to get into position to flank or defend the player's character (if you forgot to turn that option off you neener head) causing them to take lots of unnecessary damage.
I bring this up because there's always those players who don't get the rules and I'd like you to feel better about them. I'm not talking about the new players who haven't picked up the rules after one play session. I'm talking about the players who have been playing the same edition of the same game for the past several years and still don't have a grasp on the game concepts or what they're supposed to roll. For these players I suggest a little trick I learned from one of my high school teachers. Take a two by four. Write the words "Board of Education" on it. Hit said player with it when they fail to learn. Maybe you'll knock some sense into them.

LooneyDM up up and away!

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