Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm running out of game quotes!

The quotes are running thin for I've been running in the historical ones and now we've caught up. I must admit to the sad fact that we're not crazy enough to fill pages and pages of rp quotes just from one session alone. This of course means next week you get my incomparable comedy stylings instead of random humor from my D&D groups so beware. Your sides are at risk next week.

Clementine rolls: 1d20 search! => 20
Clementine: (( I find their souls! ))
Clementine: (( I keeps them in a bottle. ))

* Steely Dan yells "YE CAN TAKE ME LIFE, BUT YE CANNAE TAKE ME TROUSERS!" and charges!
LooneyDM: (( careful, they could burn the trousers right off you ))
Steely Dan: (( little do they know, our hero doesn't WEAR trousers ))

Clementine: (( Steely Dan smells funny. ))
Klo: "Women!"
Steely Dan: (( I did get a forced bath recently though ))
Atargatis: "Dan isn't a woman."
Klo: "He's wearing a skirt no?"
Atargatis: "...I suppose that's true."
* Klo smirks
* Atargatis leans up against a wall and relaxes
Klo: "i'll stay by the entrance"
Steely Dan: "It's a KILT, bigjob!"
Clementine: "Still a skirt, my friend."
Atargatis:"On second thought, I'll rest where someone entering a room can't see me immediately."
Steely Dan:"I like it fer th' extra breeze round me privates"
Klo:"All better the target"

Corbinus: I believe the correct stategy is to have Steely eaten by it until we kill it.
Steely Dan: it's an evil bubble and it's poisoning me

Steely Dan: "I backstab the book!" "you can't backstab a book" "it has a spine, doesn't it?"

LooneyDM out

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