Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On Comedy Gaming

I considered typing this post and putting it all in wingdings to make the title appropriate but I couldn't be arsed. This week I'm going to give a run down of all the comedy style games I can think of that I'd like to run or have run for me because lists are awesome. At the end I'm going to make a point about comedy games in general so read on dear reader if you feel this post needs pointedness. Otherwise read the list and hit the eject button to your left. You can't miss it, it's bright red with the words "Push Me" on it.

Call of Cthulu comedy game: Not your usual CoC game, I'd send the players off planet in a very Arthur Dent-ish traipse around the universe where they discover that the creatures from beyond aren't that mess up, it's just their method of getting here from their anti universe completely translates them wrong. IE the players fail to stop the cultist, are sucked into the unknown and find themselves to be the san loss inducing horrors once they've crossed over. I doubt this sort of chicanry would go over well so I'd save it for a one shot of some sort. Plus it mostly depends on the 'twist' and we all know how well that works for M. Night Shamalamadingdong.

The Alice in Wonderland: I'd want to start this one off with telling the players to make characters without telling them what sort of game it is. That should give me an excellent stable of randomness mess. Then they bond together and go on very basic quests dressed up in the window dressing of the world.

The Shrek: The fantasy world turned on its ear. I haven't decided if I'd warn the players or not but I'd definitely ask for them to make 'unlikely' heroes. Expect copious references to all sorts of fairy tales and mythology

Super Chibi Squad: Classic saturday morning cartoon super heroes in the vein of Darkwing Duck and Power puff girls. Rock. I'd warn the players before hand so they don't bring any of those icky dark and brooding anti heroes to the game table. I will throw popsicle sticks at them if they arrive with one of those.

The Princess Bride: A magnum opus I hope to run some day. A seemingly ordinary tale (setting yet unknown) well told with an entirely comedic bent.

Look out! Here comes the point of the post! Don't get impaled!
Comedy is like a spice. It works best when added to other themes instead of being an end for itself. You could possibly make a whole meal out of it but you're better off not trying. There point. Now munch on it and discuss as needed. Call me in the morning if your fever persists, oh wait, wrong blog.


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