Thursday, October 1, 2009

Familiars Part 2

How many of us have seen players get a familiar and then completely forget about it except for the bonus it grants them? I'm sure there's at least one in each group for each game played. So do your job as a good DM and make them earn those minor skill bonuses by having them clean their familiar with a fine tooth comb-err toothbrush! This post is coming to you on Thursday night because I'm going to be gone to Archon this weekend. I defy my own schedule! Take that self tyranny! Anyways I hope to return with crazy stories of mad adventure and chasing game developers around the hall with a mop and duct tape while screaming about their insufficiencies (just imagine how insane I'd be if I got drunk!)

Looney out!


  1. *giggles* That's a really cute picture for the motivator, the poor bat's like "Wut? I be cleaning!" :3

  2. Even battys need their cleaning now and again.