Friday, June 18, 2010

Cyberpunk (The green goo!)

Cyberpunk and the color green. Two ideas joined at the hip and never the twain shall part. I mean really. Every time you get a cyberpunk feeling going there's alway indeterminate green goo dripping, flowing or plain old burbling somewhere in the scenery. It just wouldn't be cyberpunk with out it. Bonus points if you've got bodies floating in the goo like today's poster.
It has to be that particular flavor of green as well. It can't be a happy natural plant green, it has to be the sickly unnatural chemical brewing green. Because everyone knows that there are no plants in the cyberpunk future. Only nasty nasty chemicals that ooze all over in the grim dark underbelly of the techno mess that is the future.

LooneyDM *oozes*

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